Linux On Mac: Disable magic mouse 3 or middle bouton

Sometimes you will encounter the issue that right clicking with the Apple Magic Mouse will past the content of your clipboard. This is due to the »

Linux On Mac: Magic mouse scrolling

The magic mouse is working out-of-the-box but is very sensible ! First thing to do is to change the speed of the pointer in the User & »

Linux On Mac: Replacement for Spotlight

Since OS X Yosemite, you can start any application, look for anything from Spotlight just by pressing CMD + Space. This is really handy and guess what »

Linux On Mac: Use CMD instead of CTRL

On OS X you always use the CMD (or command) key. On Linux the key which is used is CTRL (the CMD key is concidered as »

Linux On Mac: Adapt the terminal

A feature I was using a lot with the OS X terminal (Well iterm2 actually) is the cleaning of the terminal with CMD + k. The Debian »

Linux On Mac: open command equivalent

When I was developing with OS X, I was often using the open command which opens the given file with the right application. For instance, giving »