Docker image nginx-proxy

Description I have build a Docker image nginx-proxy which implement an Nginx revert proxy to your server. Instead of configuring couple of times Nginx in the different images you have »

OSX ssh-copy-id

In the case you're using OSX and you would like to use the ssh-copy-id command in order to import your SSH key to a server (which avoid the server to »

Groupe de Métal : Deficiency

Je suis allé le week-end dernier à un évènement ici au Luxembourg qui incluant le concert d'un group de métal. J'y suis aller sans grande attentes mais j'ai vraiment été »

Metal band : Deficiency

The last week-end I was in an event including a concert of metal music. I went there without big expectation but I have been really really well surprised by the »

Blog running on Docker !

Finally I have started to migrate my services on Docker ! :-) »

Sublime Text and RubyTest running in a Docker container managed by Fig

Presentation Docker is a well known application which ease the creation of Linux containers. Fig is a docker orchestration tool which helps you (a lot) in the management of containers »