jQuery: Detect update of HTML element

While I was working on fixing some Cucumber tests in a Rails project having Twitter Boostrap and the unobtrusive_flash gem, I was needing to see »

Remove Docker images no more used

How to go from the following: to: easily ? Just run the following commands (and ignore the warnings and errors ...): $ sudo docker ps -a -q --filter "status »

Apple Numbers vs Microsoft Excel

I can't believe how easy is #Apple #Numbers compare to #Microsoft #Excel ! Microsoft users are sadomasochist in my eyes. Stop complex stuffs— ZedTuX »

An idea of role management for Rails

Just a reminder for me. I was looking to the existing gems for authorisations. Pundit is nice in the way that it is segragating the policies »

Supprimer tout les emails de mail Unix

Lorsque vous désirez supprimer tout les emails que votre système a généré, et que donc dans une nouvelle session d'un terminal vous avez ceci: You have »

Uninstall all the installed packages with Homebrew

After having switched to Docker all my development environment, I've realized that still have running all the dependencies of my previous environment like for instance Postgres »