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Linux On Mac: Fix ugly fonts

Another issue in Debian is the font rendering.

To solve this, you need to perform few steps:

Application fonts

First thing, changing the fonts of the applications, if you'd like to. Thanks to the Tweak tool, it's a super easy task.

Open the Tweak Tool application and select the Fonts tab:


As you can see, I've used the Apple San Francisco font for the Interface and Documents.

Iceweasel fonts rendering

A very boring example talks more than words:


The rendering of the text is really ugly. To solve this, first execute the following in a terminal:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config
  1. Font tuning method for screen (system default): Autohinter
  2. Enable subpixel rendering for screen: Automatic
  3. Enable bitmapped fonts by default?: Yes

Then edit/create the file ~/.fonts.conf and set it as the following:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">


  <!-- Helvetica is a non true type font, and will look bad. This
  replaces it with whatever is the default sans-serif font -->

  <match target="pattern" name="family" >
    <test name="family" qual="any" >
    <edit mode="assign" name="family" >


Source: https://wiki.debian.org/Fonts/FAQ

Now restart Iceweasel and you should have good looking fonts:


Linux On Mac: Fix ugly fonts
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