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Store containers to Quay.io

If you've just created your first Docker image, maybe you're looking for a place where to store this container ? A repository ?

There are few providers which allow you to store your containers in public or private repositories like Quay.io.

You can create as much as you want of public repositories but you'll have to pay the at least $12 per months in order to create private repositories as it is described on their pricing page.

Docker.io allows you to have public repositories for free and private repositories starting at $7 as described on their pricing page.

Quay.io is highlighting how secure they are. It looks like they investigated a lot more about the security of storing.


In my example I've described in my previous article Containerize with Docker, I have created a main image and 2 tagged images.

I'm going to explain you how to push them to Quay.io.

Repository creation

First of all you have to create a repository.

After having created an account, click the Create a new repository button.

Then select the Public option from the Repository Visibility section.
Next, in the Initialize repository section select (Empty repository).

I have tried to use the Initialize from a Dockerfile, where you just copy/past the content of a Dockerfile, but the server availability was not enough and I have waited several minutes and never had my file executed.
So I'm going to show you the home made way. :-)

Preparing for Shipment

Before to push our image we have to:

  • Login from the terminal to Quay.io using the sudo docker login quay.io command
  • Tag our images for Quay.io

In order to create the tags we have to execute the following lines:

sudo docker tag zedtux/brewformulas.org quay.io/zedtux/brewformulas.org
sudo docker tag zedtux/brewformulas.org:web quay.io/zedtux/brewformulas.org:web
sudo docker tag zedtux/brewformulas.org:worker quay.io/zedtux/brewformulas.org:worker

The first line create the tag for the main image and then we create a tag for the web and worker images.

Now you should have the following Docker images:

Shipment to Quay.io

Now you're ready to push the images:

sudo docker push quay.io/zedtux/brewformulas.org
sudo docker push quay.io/zedtux/brewformulas.org:web
sudo docker push quay.io/zedtux/brewformulas.org:worker

It could takes some times depending on the size of your images and your internet connection.

When the upload is finished, you can see the following on Quay.io:


You can now use this repository in order to deploy or share your images. :-)

Store containers to Quay.io
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