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vrms: virtual Richard M. Stallman: 0.6%

Comme c’est en ce moment la mode, voici les résultat chez moi ! :)

$ vrms
Non-free packages installed on zUbuntu

linux-generic Complete Generic Linux kernel
linux-restricted-modules- Non-free Linux 2.6.28 modules helper script
linux-restricted-modules- Restricted Linux modules for generic kernels
nvidia-180-kernel-source NVIDIA binary kernel module source
nvidia-180-libvdpau Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix
nvidia-180-modaliases Modaliases for the NVIDIA binary X.Org driver
nvidia-glx-180 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver
sun-java6-bin Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture
sun-java6-jre Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture
unrar Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)
Reason: Modifications problematic
xmind XMind – Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

Non-free packages with status other than installed on zUbuntu

mythtv-backend ( dei) A personal video recorder application (server)
mythtv-database ( dei) A personal video recorder application (databas

Contrib packages installed on zUbuntu

gnormalize Audio file converter, normalizer and CD ripping utilit
nvidia-settings Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver

13 non-free packages, 0.6% of 2252 installed packages.
2 contrib packages, 0.1% of 2252 installed packages.